Using evidence-based practice to drive impact

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Using Evidence-Based Practice To Drive Impact

As we continue to support the ongoing development of a research-rich health system across South Australia, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the importance of evidence-based practice in our work.

Evidence from around the world overwhelmingly supports the integration of research as a core function within health services and the broader health system. This approach has far-reaching benefits for patients, the system itself, the workforce, and the economy as a whole.

At Health Translation SA, we are deeply committed to driving the use of existing evidence to enhance the delivery of services and programs.

A critical piece of this puzzle is the ability to understand and apply the principles of Implementation Science, which is a major mechanism for transforming evidence into outcomes.

I am pleased to share that last week we successfully hosted the inaugural meeting of the HTSA Implementation Science Network. This network aims to mobilise individuals and organisations across the state, encouraging them to collaborate, share insights, and learn from one another. The launch meeting brought together clinicians, policy groups, researchers, consumers and academics from various disciplines. It provided a valuable platform for fostering collaborations and expanding the knowledge base in our state.

Thanks to co-chairs Gillian Harvey (Flinders Uni) and Natasha Howard (SAHMRI), and the entire executive group; Zoe Jordan (JBI), Saravana Kumar (UniSA), Rachel Newrick (SA Health), and our own Ecushla Linedale, for their vision in driving this network forward. I encourage all of you to stay connected with the network's future events.

We value your continued support as we actively work towards advancing healthcare research and implementing practical solutions for the betterment of the state.

Wendy Keech

Executive Director, Health Translation SA

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